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Our team are experts in researching the right people, progressing past gatekeepers, striking up conversations, identifying the pain points, and arranging a suitable next step for you!


Our mature team are able to speak with senior level decision makers, qualify their needs, and book suitable next actions.


Considered and intelligent conversations are essential to engaging the prospects you need. Whether we’re calling into, or on behalf of, we have vast experience in this space.


Whomever you need to reach, we understand the demands within manufacturing and our approach matches what is required


We share engaging conversations about technology and with IT decision makers to create excellent AOV opportunities.


With specialists in Finance within our Team, we know the terminology they need to hear to build confidence on that initial call.


A wealth of experience allows us to speak about any topic and with any person - we can engage at every level.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for here specifically, reach out to us and we can share relevant experience with you.


We’re experts in profiling your target audience and designing an approach to engage new prospects for the best ROI.


“Having used telemarketing companies before, we noticed a difference in how Paragon worked with us. Their overall approach is more geared towards working together and building a long-term relationship that benefits our individual needs. Their ability to react, adapt and change when they can see the data is not working quite as expected at no additional cost was most impressive”

Progression Signage & Display, Commercial Signage and POS

"With a historic customer database too large for our sales teams to stay in regular contact with, we needed an agency to methodically cleanse customer contact data and to keep our brand top of mind for future needs. An element of Paragon’s proposition we loved was commission being based on us, the client, renewing. This removes all non-value added noise and ensures the relationship is a true partnership. Listening to calls, the Paragon team are expert at getting past the gatekeeper and in warming up the frostiest of decision making contacts to get the job done. An unexpected benefit so far has been the volume of incremental leads for new business found when the main brief was data cleansing. Having managed in house and having experienced many telemarketing agencies in the past I can highly recommend Paragon as a partner."

Richard, Marketing Director - Manufacturing

"I think you have a very good understanding of the IT space and the issues facing the industry. That combines well with your knowledge of marketing and you have advised on just about every area - themes that will resonate with the target audience, data, telemarketing, e mail, social media and so on."

Andy, MD, It support & telecoms

“We knew we needed to generate new business, but with our expertise in Audio Production, we went to a specialist for this and it was certainly a good decision. Owen has helped us gain a target database, put a pitch together and generated many quality leads for us. I would certainly recommend their services if you’re busy operationally and struggling to find the time to create your own sales pipeline.”

Evergale Creative, Audio Production

“When considering how to grow and expand our business, we decided to try a telemarketing campaign. Paragon Marketing was an obvious fit for our business right from the start with its professional approach and excellent results. They take the time to find out exactly what you are looking for and create a campaign that matches your requirements perfectly. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Compass Accountants, Financial Services

“We’ve grown our business solely on recommendations and word of mouth and never outsourced any marketing services in the past. Naturally, we were a little nervous about another company representing our business, however we were immediately put at ease due to the professionalism and experience of Paragon and they continue to deliver us great quality meetings for which we have already gained new clients. We are now working with Paragon on multiple telemarketing projects.”

Cme Media, Advertising & Marketing

“Having utilised a number of different marketing channels to drive new business appointments, including various outsourced providers, we found Paragon’s approach to be very transparent and professional. We engaged initially with a short pilot project and now Paragon support our lead generation strategy on an ongoing basis. We enjoy working with the team as we have a very honest working relationship and things get done quickly and effectively when needed. Overall we have found their performance and quality to be much better than other agencies we’ve trialed in the past.”

Emma, head of direct marketing - enterprise

“Having used a number of agencies to deliver my sales' team appointments in the past, I was very impressed with how quickly the team at Paragon were able to understand our industry and put a very professional pitch together. I have used them ongoing for some time now and would recommend them if you’re looking to get new clients through the door.”

Revvitt, Automotive Recruitment

“We were recommended Paragon Marketing by another business that were using them. We were looking for a marketing company that we could trust and that would portray us in the right light, as in the past we have had some bad experiences. We have been very pleased with their team to date and although we are in the early stages of our business relationship, we are hopeful that Paragon will look after our marketing requirements going forward, due to excellent results so far.”

Dall Cleaning Services PLC, Professional Services

"When the campaign got underway in early January, Paragon was immediately up to speed as to the kind of person that I wanted to meet with and also the information I required to go in to initial meetings with. My Project Manager was very quick in getting several meetings booked in very quickly. The leads generated have been of a high quality and the people that I have been speaking to have been engaged and seem to be  genuinely interested in the business proposition that my company is putting forward. My Project Manager is always on hand when I need to talk to him about a specific appointment or if I’m just calling to see how the campaign is going. I have also given him tasks to follow up with appointments if we have to reschedule meetings, which he is always willing to do."

Bill, MD, Cost consultants


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